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Integrating every part of what it is to be human into therapy

" The unexamined life creates more suffering not only for ourselves but for those around us. By examining it, we will see that life improves, gets easier and more attuned... "

"In this journey, Marco has revealed himself to be a true source of wisdom. His calming presence allows you to explore multiple facets of your being in total confidence. It feels fluid and illuminating. Following your rhythm, but also challenging you to go deeper. He doesn't give you the answers, he asks the right questions and points to the direction where you are going to find them. Within you. It is a true blessing to grow and evolve with his guidance. If you are ready and something is calling you, trust this will be rewarding."

October 2020

"Marco is a kind and compassionate therapist who is always prepared to present a number of approaches depending on the need of the moment. In the few therapy sessions I experienced, he offered helpful suggestions and styles of approaching issues which allowed me to feel more at ease with some of the things I was struggling with. His communication style and his knowledge also made it easy to connect, feel understood and leave with a sense of having grown and acquired a new tool for understanding or problem solving."

May 2020

"I recommend Marco because he links spirituality and psychology. He has helped me a lot in my journey of self knowledge. Very wise and compassionate. I love my sessions."

April 2020

"Marco it’s a wonderful therapist, he allowed me to understand and connect with my inner self with the different kind of methods used during the therapy which was a really good experience in fact was really helpful in my case the therapy with Marco, for that reason I recommend him 100% . Thanks Marco"

April 2020

"The therapy with Marco helps me a lot in ways that I didn’t even imagine . He uses many approaches and methods that will help you in a daily basis. I sincerely recommend him. I feel like I have been growing a lot since I start my therapy with him."

March 2020

¨Marco is a very insightful therapist who is truly invested in helping  his patients. As his patient, I was impressed with his ability to quickly find an approach that helped me take control over my emotional struggles. Marco conducts his sessions in a unique way that is empowering, compassionate, and inspiring. He was a great coach to me; with him I learned how to understand and manage my emotional state, which brought a significant positive change in my life. Marco  also knows a ton of information on different psychological approaches and it's always an interesting and enriching experience to have a discussion with him. Thank you, Marco!"

May 2019

¨Marco is a warm-hearted counsellor who really cares for his client's wellbeing and freedom."

August 2019

¨Marco's introduction of the notion of non-violent communication profoundly shifted the way I approach my relationships and my understanding of myself and my own needs. He is a compassionate and caring counselor I would recommend without hesitation to anybody on the path towards healing. Therapy with Marco was not just deep, but also surprisingly fun: something to look forward to every week, as each time I was introduced to inspiring content, and new approaches to better know myself."

December 2019



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